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Exploring the Design and Benefits of Modular Conveyor Systems—Part II We’re kicking off our new blog series on conveyors by diving into our Belt Conveyors. This system comes with your choice of belt types, drive options, position, speed and more. Each conveyor also can include a stand, flexible side guides and other accessories as needed.

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Belt Conveyor. Modular Conveyor Express provides low profile belt conveyor systems with a range of options including belting, gear motors, drives, side guides, and support stands.

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Modular belt conveyors are also commonly used for pharmaceutical products such as glass vials for therapeutic drugs and plasma packs. We can design a conveyor to suit any brand of modular plastic belt available on the market

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09/28 · Modular Belt Conveyors can withstand a temperature range from-50° C to 90° C (if you require an operating temperature outside of these parameters please call our engineering team on 01379 872800). They will work perfectly in dry, damp or wet conditions

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The frame is custom designed to the height and length required using T-slot aluminium profiles. Standard belt widths range in mm: 40, 80, 120, 160, 200, 250, 300, 400. Larger belts can also be supplied if needed. Conveyor length can be from 400mm to 6 metres.


Modular belt conveyors are extremely robust and can be used in a multitude of ways for almost every transport application. The belts are wear resistant and can even be used to transport product with sharp edges. The conveyor system offers various chain materials to make it suitable for food, suitable for high temperatures or resistant to chemicals.

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Because of their construction conventional conveyor belts are not suitable for certain applications. Siegling Prolink plastic modular belts are an excellent solution in these cases: The material is rot-resistant, durable and physiologically safe (all standard materials used are FDA compliant).

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Shop Conveyor systems, Modular Plastic, Table Top Chain & Composition Belt Conveyors, Accumulation Tables, Rotary Feed, Rod Style, Wire Belt Conveyors, Driven & Gravity Rollers Conveyor Systems Laughlin Conveyors offers a

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Plastic modular belting is a type of conveyor belting consisting of injection-mold modules and hinge rods constructed in an interlaying brick pattern to form a belt. The belt is positively driven by sprockets engaged with the underside of the belt.

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Our company is specialized in producing conveyor plastic chain, plastic modular belt and all kinds of conveyor line and other accessories, from parts to the whole line production. Hongjiang company was founded in November 1996,the registered capital is 4.5 million yuan.

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Modular. The belt conveyor system has many of the benefits of the original FlexLink conveyor system. The plastic belt surface ensures safe and gentle transport of the conveyed goods.